Thursday, 23 July 2015

South Group

         Card Making with South Group           

‘ELEMENTS’ Exhibition
29th-30th August 2015
The Old Courthouse

In anticipation of the upcoming ATASDA South ‘Elements’ exhibition the members decided to create some art-cards for sale at the event.  The aim was to work together on a group project to raise funds and explore individual techniques that might be new to different members, and for others to pass on their own individual knowledge and expertise.
We settled on 5 different designs, each one developed around a colour theme and a layered approach to add dimension and focal interest to the card front. 

Fabric was rust dyed then lino printed.  Stitched highlights were added and brads placed in the corners before being attached to cardstock.  
As a large lino block was used we were able to block out different areas and create a range of suitable marks, making each card unique.

Brown paper was crumpled and paints and metallic waxes applied to the surface.  Lightweight fabrics such as organza and chiffon were layered and machine stitched to the paper base forming three-dimensional autumn leaves.

 Brown paper bag was painted with acrylics and metallic paint. This was then cut into strips and twisted into short tight tubes.  Beads were threaded on to wire and twisted around the paper tubes to form beaded beads.  Robyn Eaves very kindly machine stitched some spectacular layered and patched fabrics for our beads to sit on.

Silk stripping was used to make small silk paper pieces. These were then painted, metallic highlights were added and skeletonised leaves embedded.  
Handmade paper was cut and used teabags applied in layers with the silk paper on top.  
Note the fabulous pink teabags we got from cranberry tea.

Various handmade papers and silk fabrics were layered together forming a base for the card.  Elephant dung paper, with skeletonised leaves embedded was torn to shape and applied to the base with simple stitching.  
A very effective outcome.

The whole group is thrilled with the cards and the results they achieved and we are sure they will sell like hot cakes.  In fact, some have already been purchased!!

So make sure you visit our exhibition to explore a wide range of textile works and techniques, much of which will be for sale - including our fabulous cards!!

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