Friday, 24 July 2015

Workshop report: Mark Jones, Leather and Fabric Bags

Maria reported back from this workshop:

"In the Mark Jones workshop, we incorporated a piece of our own textured fabric with the leather, to create an individual leather handbag. "

"Mark provided us with patterns, but I decided to make my own design and pattern. He gave us details of suppliers of leather, which were the same suppliers that I used 30 years ago when I was teaching leather garment making at TAFE."

"Handbag fittings such as ready made straps and trims should be sourced before starting your bag and the double sided sticking tape is fantastic for seams and hems. Widths vary from 0.5cm to 5cm. "

"The piece of fabric I used was from an importers’ fabric sample card. I have bought some more leather and a couple of new specialist tools ready to make more bags and I now look at handbags very closely and differently than I did before I attended Mark’s workshop."

Looks like a fun workshop!

Thanks, Maria, for the report, and thanks also to Lindy for the photos.

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