Friday, 14 August 2015

Workshop report - Cas Holmes

What a fantastic time our girls had at the workshop with Cas Holmes recently! The theme was Urban Nature, so participants were encouraged to look at the natural world around them for inspiration. Cas overcame the usual reluctance of people to draw by switching drawings and adding to them. These drawings were incorporated into mixed media designs.

Members sat outside to stitch on their work, both on the front and from the back to add new textural effects. Machine stitching was also included in some works.

L to R: Denise Lithgow, Jill Rumble, Kay Murray, Lin Wilson, Jo Le Cheminant (back), Angela Liddy, Stella Vakirtzis, Anne Schmitz, Robyn Eves, Denise Sargo, Cas Holmes, Bev Chow, Pam Russell and Katrina Conaghan. Photo by Kathy Hawkins
Katrina says:

"I felt very privileged to attend Cas Holmes' workshop in August."

"I was introduced to the process of momigami which is wrinkled, kneaded paper.  You put baby oil on your hands and scrunch - Anne was fabulous at this.  The end result is a much stronger substrate to work on, where the original image has disappeared leaving you with texture and colour to incorporate into your work."

"Cas is a prolific author and artist. She communicated her passion and dedication to promoting textile art, encouraging us to see our work as artists. I was surrounded by some very talented artists on the weekend and I think I took home as many ideas from them, as I did from Cas herself. "

"I had a fabulous time, my only complaint is it seems to take longer to put away my requirements list than it does to find it in the first place!"

Thanks, Katrina, for sharing your experiences and for the remaining photos of works.


  1. Fabulous group to work with. A part of the overwhelming hospitality and willingness to explore I have met in Australia

  2. Thanks, Cas, feeling is mutual! Sorry for the delay, your comment slipped under the radar...