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façade - Palm House Exhibition

Palm House 2016

The Palm House exhibition, façade, is May 2016 – around 7 months away!
Hopefully, you’re already exploring a concept in response to the theme, started researching and experimented with various techniques, trying to create that unique artwork in an effort to push your personal boundaries.

façade is a unconstrained exhibition title and subject theme- not only does it conjure up images of buildings, cityscapes or the very obvious mask imagery - be inspired and explore the emotional response and subsequent veneers.

As well as ATASDA NSW’s much-anticipated biennial Palm House Exhibition in 2016, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will celebrate its 200th birthday. One of the big events in the Garden is Jonathon Jones’ installation – barrangai dyara (skin and bones) recreating the façade of The Garden Place on its original site – which will be under construction during façade

Sydney’s Vivid light festival serendipitously coincides with façade and will also attract many visitors to the façade exhibition.

PH2016 Sales Area

Proposed Sales ‘Art Objects’ samples to be presented for appraisal at Social Day, 11am Wednesday 7th October 2015. Country or Interstate members can post samples or email Images, before 7th October  (see address below).

·        There will be a ticket system so you don't have to stand in a queue.
·        Bring 2 or more completed samples, in the technique of your proposed Sale items.
·        Three PH2016 Committee reps will discuss your proposed works with you privately in a booked room at the centre.
Members selling art objects in this area stock supply is a maximum of ten (10) objects and a minimum of five (5), due to lack of storage facilities within the venue. but be prepared if you are called on to bring in more over the PH2016 exhibition period (it is expected viewers will be numerous due to Vivid Festival in Sydney.
·        Must have an exhibition work in façade.

Make sure your works:
- Represent the theme of the exhibition – façade
- Are priced to sell - minimum  $50 (include 25% for ATASDA NSW in your sale price to cover exhibition costs)
- Are of excellent quality and original – no workshop pieces please
- Present packaging, if necessary, for your item/s (boxes, etc) and be prepared to discuss display of works

If unable to make this date please send clear images of works, with no distracting backgrounds and good lighting, along with a brief description, technique used etc to:    by Monday 5th October for consideration.

Card Making Day
Social Day - Wednesday, October 7, 10 am.
Please bring:
·        Scissors- paper and fabric
·        Pencil, Ruler,
·        Scalpel,

If possible could members bring - to make life easier:
·        Cutting mat
·        Olpha cutter and Quilter's ruler 
·        Sewing Machine, free machining foot. (we only need about 4)
·        Black sewing thread.

Dates and Deadlines for 2015 – 16
Wed, 7 Oct   2015
Dence Park
Social Day -Card Making
11am Proposed Sales ‘Art Objects’ samples to be presented for appraisal
Mon, 1 Feb 2016
Form 1: Entry/Payment Form
Fri, 1 April 2016
Deadline:   Form 2 - Entry Details, Artists Statement
Fri, 6 May 2016
Exhibition works received by last post.
Tue, 17 May
10 – 11 am Delivery of façade exhibition works and sale
‘Art Objects’ works to Palm House. 
Set - up façade from 10am
Wed, 18 May
10am Exhibition Opens to public
Sat, 21 May
Exhibition official opening 2pm. Special Guest TBA
Mon, 30 May
Palm House closes 2pm. Take down & Pick up 2pm

Two Forms are required:
        1. Entry Form/Payment (1 Feb 2016)
        2. Entry Details plus Statement (1 April 2016)
*NOTE: Both forms are available to download from Fibrenet, NSW E-News, ATASDA’s website.

*NOTE: Keep up to date with ideas and discussion through NSW’s new blog –


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