Friday, 11 September 2015

Report on Workshop 15.7: Paula do Prado - Paper Objects and Wearables

Fiona writes:

"I was so lucky to be able to attend the Paper Objects and Wearables one-day workshop with tutor Paula do Prado on Saturday August 22, in Sydney. The day was delightfully relaxed, yet incredibly inspiring! Paula is a most generous and knowledgeable tutor, and she helped each one of us in turn to create some beautiful pieces out of just circles of paper, plus needle and thread."

"This might sound like a really simple concept, but in reality the outcomes were amazingly varied, and we were all mightily impressed with Paula’s body of work and class samples."

"Paula had originally said we’d probably end up creating one or two finished items during the day, but in typical ATASDA style we all seemed more keen to get started on several items so that we could experience the maximum number of variations in the time available. "

"It was also very obvious that our creative brains were whirring excitedly all day, conjuring up interesting possibilities for the techniques and ideas that Paula laid before us.

I’m sure I was not the only one who allowed that part of her brain not required to concentrate on driving to go a little wild with creative plans during the journey home - for future works to be made using the techniques and ideas gained in the workshop. I did have the longest drive home though (3 hours) so my brain is now full-to-bursting with to-do items when I get the time…maybe in time to show some at the Christmas meeting? We’ll see… "

"If there was any tiny downside to the day (and I’m joking really…), it was that now I need to add a stash of paper scraps to all my other ‘useful’ items…my house is bursting with my glorious stash already, so what do I tell my long-suffering husband?... "


Thanks, Paula, for a fascinating workshop and thanks, Fiona, for a great review!

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