Friday, 30 October 2015

Kathleen Berney - Sculpture by the Sea

Early ATASDA member Kathleen Berney has a sculpture in this year's Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, in collaboration with her husband Michael.
Kathleen says, "The ideas behind my sculpture are early childhood memories and old family photos.  Marks Park, which is the central location of Sculpture by the Sea, was my early childhood playground , and the sculpture is related to my memories of playing in the park as a toddler. It is a mixed media work of metal and digital imagery and has been a very close collaboration between my husband Michael and myself."

Kathleen joined us last year at our Ruby anniversary High Tea, to speak about her work and her memories of ATASDA.

See Kathleen's website for more information.

Visit the Sculpture by the Sea website for more information and map of the exhibition .

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