Saturday, 17 October 2015

Workshop: Overview

Lindy Rose Smith shares a few words about Lin Wilson’s workshop, Breakdown Printing and some images to go along with it.

We all had a fabulous time at Lin Wilson’s Breakdown Printing Workshop last weekend (10/11 October), at the Forestville Community Centre.

Lin showed us how to set objects under the screen which would form a texture on the screen when the coloured print paste was pulled through. This was then dried with a hair drier and clear print paste (fibre-reactive dyes thickened with sodium alginate) pulled through. This gradually pulls through the image on the screen with successive pulls pulling more of the colour through until such time as there is nothing or very little texture left on the screen. This produced some beautiful effects, giving a halo around the textured images.

L to R: Anne Schmitz, Pam Russell, Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Robyn Eves and Denise Sargo
Objects laid out
Lyn pulling the coloured print paste through the screen

Lindy Smith
Denise Sargo
Stella Vakirtzis
Lin showed us numerous other methods as well as experimenting throughout the weekend using various different techniques.

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