Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lets help others, the true Australian Christmas Spirit!

"Share the Dignity"

Charles Perkins Centre

Hi everyone,

Here's a thought.
What would you do if you were homeless and it was "that time of the month"?
Would you choose to eat or buy sanitary products???

Angela has been approached  by the Charles Perkins Centre which is attached to Sydney Uni and RPA Hospital to assist in a nation wide project called "Share the Dignity".
You can read about them at the website :

They are asking for a hand bag or similar to be donated

 filled with sanitary products, ie sanitary pads, or tampons.

She will collect any products or bags you may be willing to donate on Saturday at the Christmas party and drop them off to the CPC be distributed to the homeless before Christmas.

As  Angela so rightly stated:
'I know I have never thought of this problem and would hate to be in the position of not being able to afford to buy sanitary products.
I hope you can help.'  

Please bring donations on Saturday, at the ATASDA NSW Christmas Party and they will be dropped off to the CPC to be distributed to the homeless before Christmas or donate directly (see above website for information)

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