Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Craft And Quilt Show 2016

Craft and Quilt show
June 2016

Along with all the other things I am sure you have planned for the year, don’t forget that NSW ATASDA will have a feature stand at the Craft and Quilt show in June, and all members are invited to submit works, on the theme ‘Branching Out’. 
This year there are 2 categories – plenty of scope for you to do something you love.

1. An item we can hang on a structure – exact details of that ‘structure’ are still to be worked out, but for now, think ‘tree’. Or 2. A long length of fabric, dyed/ printed/ stamped/ etc.
All the exact details are now on the website, and were in enews bulletins you should have received.

I have an idea, but I don’t know if it is ‘good enough’. I haven’t put anything in this show before. If you are happy with your work, then we will be more than happy to put it in the display. If you want to talk things over, there are plenty of members who are happy to help you. Bring your ideas to a Social Day, talk via this forum, or contact the Glebe Committee.

Do I need to include Mood Boards and Artist Statements? The short answer is ‘No’. But if this is the only exhibition you are involved with, it could be a good time to try these things out. Look at the calendar on the website/ Fibreline/ enews and you will see a couple of events being organised to help members gain confidence in putting these statements together.

How many pieces can I send in? There is no limit to the number of pieces members can submit for this show, and no cost to enter. Everything must meet the requirements listed on the website – that’s all.

Can I reuse my piece from Bugs and Botanica? Yes, but that was back in 2009 – doesn’t time fly? You would need to get it out now, dust it off, and see if you are still happy with it. It might need a revamp; it might be a starting point for a new piece; or you might be doing something new and different these days.

Beverley Chow – for the Glebe Committee -

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