Friday, 15 January 2016

Palm House 2016, Facade

Palm House 2016
ATASDA Fibre and Textile Art Exhibition
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
18th - 30th May 2016

Only 17 days left to enter and be part of this biennial event!!!!
If you’re not thinking façade – now is the time!

ATASDA members, nationally, are very fortunate to have access to this unique gallery space. Hopefully, you’re already exploring a concept in response to the theme and have researched and experimented, trying to create that unique artwork in an effort to push your personal just need to submit your Entry Form and Payment.

Promoting and advertising the Exhibition have already commenced.
Photographs of artworks will be required- they need to be of excellent quality and of a professional standard, as theses represent ATASDA and used in a broad, public capacity.

*NOTE: Keep up to date with ideas and discussion through NSW’s new blog –

Dates and Deadlines for 2015 – 16

Mon, 1 Feb 2016
Form 1: Entry/Payment Form
Fri, 1 April 2016
Deadline:   Form 2 - Entry Details, Artists Statement
Fri, 6 May 2016
Exhibition works received by last post.
Tue, 17 May
10 – 11 am Delivery of façade exhibition works and sale
‘Art Objects’ works to Palm House. 
Set - up façade from 10am
Wed, 18 May
10am Exhibition Opens to public
Sat, 21 May
Exhibition official opening 2pm. Special Guest TBA
Mon, 30 May
Palm House closes 2pm. Take down & Pick up 2pm

* NOTE:  mark in your diary deadline of 'Entry/Payment' form, plus artwork 'Details and Statement'.
Two Forms are required:
        1. Entry Form/Payment (1 Feb 2016)
        2. Entry Details plus Statement (1 April 2016)
*NOTE: Both forms are available to download from Fibrenet, NSW E-News, ATASDA’s website.

Members unable to complete online entry may request forms from:
The Palm House Team:

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