Saturday, 26 November 2016

Good News Story, Linda Balding, ATASDA Member

Linda Balding; Forest-Understory, detail

Linda Balding an ATASDA member from the South Coast NSW, has an Art Quilt travelling in the USA until 2017 as part 0f the World Quilt Competition.

Linda says that 'Forest - Understory' was inspired by the forest where she lives, beneath the cliff line and high above the river.

"I wanted to capture the feeling that the bush is far more intricate than it first appears. I have layered images and used a grid of fabric pieces, cut out sections to look beneath, and see through. A combination of
hand painting, screen-printing, embroidery threads, hand and machine stitches'.
Linda Balding; Full Forest-Understory

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  1. The Australian entry form will be available in February 2017 and entries close on 15 May 2017. See