Sunday, 29 January 2017

Exhibition, Vermilion Contemorary Chinese Art, Sydney

Tianli Zu: Ji 吉

Beijing-born Australian based multimedia artist, Tianli Zu showcases her charcoal, watercoloured roosters, as well as large site-specific installation of cutouts.

Zu’s rooster lanterns imitates traditional Chinese musical instruments and implements the five-note pentatonic scale. Its body is a gong; its head is a cymbal; its tail is a wooden block; its wattle a bell; its beak and legs are flutes; its feet are piccolos; and panpipes form its comb. The five roosters appear in five colours, which symbolises the continuity of Chinese tradition.
The rooster lanterns will be shown in the spiritual home of Chinese New Year, Chinatown, illuminated with programmed lights synchronised with music written by composer, Andrew Zhou. Viewers are invited to participate by hitting the gong.

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