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ContextART 2017, new program


Issue #015 August 2016

ContextART 2017

Announcing the new program for April 2017

8-12 APRIL 2017

You are invited to join us next Autumn, in the beautiful Blue Mountains for 2, 3 and 5 days of textile based workshops at Korowal School in Hazelbrook.

Enrolments are now open at

MAHDI CHANDLER (AUS): Piece de RESISTance (2 day), INDIGO: Simply IrRESISTible (3 day).

JUDY DOMINIC (USA): Bogolanfini: Malian Natural Dyeing (2 day), Pushing Basketry Boundaries (3 day).

KAY FAULKNER (AUS): Complex Cloth (5 day).

JEAN GAUGER (USA): Nuno Collage Wrap (2 day), Nuno Collage Butterfly Vest (3 day).

GABRIELLA HEGYES (AUS): Printing From the Land (2 day), Printing From Memory (3 day).

PAM HOVEL (AUS): Botanical Print, Nuno-felt & Shibori (2 day), Textured Nuno-felt and Natural Dyes (3 day).

CAITLIN HUGHES (AUS): 'Tesserae and Andamento' - Introduction to Mosaics (2 day), Ancient Material in Contemporary Expression - Smalti Mosaics (3 day).

MARK JONES (AUS): Simple Leather Bag Making (2 day), Leather Bag Making and More (3 day).

DENISE LITHGOW (AUS): Felted Vessels (2 day), Larger Felted Vessels (3 day).

KEITH LO BUE (AUS): Steeling Beauty: Chain Making with Steel Wire (2 day), Precious Little: Poetics of the Found Object (3 day).

GLORIA LOUGHMAN (AUS): Light Up Your Landscape (2 day), Fabulous Facades (3 day).

SERAPHINA MARTIN (AUS): Solar Plate Etching (2 day), Monoprinting and Solar Plate Etching From the Natural World (3 day).

LIZ POWELL(AUS): Book Binding: Traditional and Twisted (2 day), Books and Medieval Mayhem (3 day).

SHONA SKINNER (SHETLAND): Sketching to Stitching (2 day), Inspired by the Landscape (3 day).

ADRIENNE SLOANE (USA): Jewellery for the Adventurous Knitter (2 day), Wandering in the Garden of the Knit Muse (3 day).

KIRRY TOOSE (AUS): Coat Tales (5 day).

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