Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Call for Entries: Sydney Royal Easter Show Fashion Competition and Parade

The Sydney Royal Easter Show are offering something new for visitors this year.
In line with the RAS Charter of supporting Agricultural Development the Fashion Parade will include a Competition featuring garments and textile wearables that showcase Natural Fibres.
This is a unique opportunity for local textile designers and students across NSW to showcase their talent, skill and creativity in textile wearable art and fashion using natural fibres in their designs.

Call for entries in the Fashion Competition and Parade are now open. This event runs separately to the Arts and Crafts Schedule and will be held in the Fashion and Style Pavilion.

There are 3 categories available for entry:
  • Best Wearable Art
  • Best Functional Garment
  • Best Millinery
Entry requirements, Rules and Regulations and the Criteria for pieces and collections are available upon enquiry.

The closing date for EOI is 28 February 2018.
EOI must include a photograph of the garment or piece to be included in the Fashion Competition and Parade as part of the application process.

For more information and application forms, please contact:
Wendy Zakaria
Coordinator, Agricultural Development
email: wzakaria@rasnsw.com.au

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